Hedges can be planted within the boxes. They give benefits for flow attenuation and can create attractive landscape multi-functional features, with wildlife benefits too. 

In order to give a landscape value to your Water Ladders, INFRA Services collaborates with the consultant firm ECOFUTUR Concept since 1985, in order to offer you some plantations ideas.



ECOFUTUR Concept developed different vegetal modules in accordance with the following specifications:

  • Hygrophilous plants, able to survive over a month period of time without rain;
  • Rustic and ornamental plants, available at specialised horticulturists;
  • Tall species in order to act as a visual screen for your hedges;
  • Easy to set, easy to maintain or little maintenance;
  • Depending on their capacity to grow with or without trimming;
  • Depending on soil type, need peat or biological fertilizer.

A non-exhaustive list of plants adapted to Water Ladders is available in the following downloadable file

Taking into consideration the second function you want to give to your Water Ladders and how much time you spend working in your garden.




Plants have more than a decorative role. Their roots systems will increase infiltration in the bottom of Water Ladders. Moreover, some species are known for reducing pollution contained in rainwater (Source: INFRA Services Research & Development - study realised with the partnership of University of Rouen, INSA of Rouen and Esitpa, a school of agricultural engineering).